At what age is lengthening surgery performed?

The legal age limit for cosmetic lengthening surgery is 18 years. Cosmetic surgery is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18. For some individuals, growth in height may persist beyond the age of 18. The completion of bone development is ascertainable through radiographic means. If limb lengthening surgery is going to be performed only for cosmetic reasons, optimal age is between 20 and 50. 

As age progresses, bone quality decreases and bone resorption increases. This means that the bone of the person who has had lengthening surgery will have difficulty in union. Generally, limb lengthening surgery is not preferred for people over 50 years old. 

In addition, people considering stature lengthening are usually asked to undergo psychological evaluation to assess their ability to make the decision to have surgery and whether they are in the mood to undergo the process. In this manner, the suitability of the decision to undergo surgery can be evaluated by bolstering the individual’s psychological well-being. 

Medical lengthening surgery can be performed at any age depending on the condition and diagnosis of the patient. An examination of the bone structure takes into account factors such as bone age of the patient, bone diameter, proportions, tendon and muscle structure, and the surgical approach is determined with the patient. 

At this juncture, it is critical to always account for potential complications that could arise from extended surgical procedures. With advancing age, the bone’s capacity to heal diminishes, extending the recovery period. In addition, existing medical conditions, smoking, and previous surgeries may adversely affect bone healing. 

Individuals who are non-smokers, have good physical and mental health and candidates without any chronic diseases or hormonal problems are preferred for surgery 

For smokers, quitting to smoke is definitely obligatory.