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Recovery Process After Height Lengthening Surgery

There are different techniques used in the field of lengthening. In our clinic, we evaluate the physical condition of the people, the goal of elongation and the conditions, and together with our patients, we determine the most appropriate method for them. However, one of the most frequently asked ques-tions from our patients is when they can fully return to work or daily life after surgery.

The process of returning to work after lengthening treatment may vary depending on the treatment method and the body structure of the person. Below, we will examine the main stages of the return process after height lengthening treatment:

Postoperative Recovery Period:

Height lengthening treatments are a surgical operation, although there are different methods. Rest and recovery are very important in the postoperative period. There may be pain and swelling in the first few weeks. Returning to work during this period is usually not recommended and it may be best to rest completely.

Physical Therapy and Exercise:

Depending on the type of treatment, the physical therapy and exercise process may vary. Physical therapy, especially after bone lengthening, is important to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and ensure a healthy healing process.

Return to Work Process:

The process of returning to work may differ depending on the type of treatment and the requirements of the person’s job. A person who works in a light job may be able to return to work sooner after the post-surgical recovery period, while those who work in heavy physical jobs may require more time. Our team will inform you in detail about this in the preoperative planning and postoperative process.

Pain and Discomfort:

Pain and discomfort may be experienced after lengthening treatments. This situation varies depending on the type of treatment and the person’s tolerance. Pain control can be achieved with the medications and methods recommended by our team.

Psychological Support:

It is important to support the person psychologically after the treatment. Psychological support during the treatment process, pain during the recovery phase and physical therapy process will make life easi-er.

Recovery Process Follow-up:

After lengthening treatment, the person should visit the doctor regularly and the healing process should be monitored. X-rays and other medical tests are used to monitor bone healing. When the heal-ing is complete, you can continue your life in a pleasant way in line with the information given by our physicians.

As a result, the process of returning to work after lengthening treatment may vary from person to per-son and may vary depending on the type of treatment. In this process, it is important to follow the doctor’s recommendations and carefully monitor the healing process. Also, it is always a wise step to consult a specialized doctor to assess the risks and benefits of height-lengthening treatments.

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