What is deformity? What are the causes?

A deformity is any sort of distortion that makes a part of the body a different size or shape than it would be normally. Deformities can be congenital (present at birth), developmental (appearing later in childhood) or acquired (caused by injuries or illnesses that were not present at birth). Deformities can cause pain, discomfort and restriction to normal movement.

In adults, deformities can be seen as a result of previous illness or trauma. These deformities are seen in all parts of the body, at all angles and directions. Treatment of adult deformities is usually performed surgically because skeletal development has been completed. At this point, the degree to which the existing deformity affects the patient’s daily life, function, and appearance should be evaluated and the surgical decision made accordingly.

Knee deformities, commonly known as “O” or “X” legs, are one of the most common causes of pediatric orthopedic clinics. These deformities should be assessed in detail and it should be determined whether it is a condition that occurs in the course of normal growth or whether it is caused by other conditions