Which Height Extension Method is Right for You?

The factors that determine the best method in height increase treatment may vary according to individuals. Therefore, it is not correct to emphasize that a certain treatment method is the best.

How to Determine the Best Height Increase Treatment for You?

Each individual’s anatomical structure, health history and personal preferences are different from each other in lengthening treatment. These factors are effective factors in determining the most appropriate lengthening method.

Which Methods are Used in Height Lengthening Surgeries?

In lengthening surgeries, the method not only focuses on the physical condition of the patient; but also the goals of lengthening should be meticulously evaluated. Specialized doctors work with the patient to determine the most appropriate treatment plan by focusing on the length and height ratios that the individual wants to achieve. This process is of great importance to maximize patient satisfaction and ensure long-term success.

Ilizarov Method

It is a revolution in lengthening and deformity correction surgery. However, it is not preferred due to the risk of infection associated with long-term use and decreased comfort of daily life.

Monolateral Fixators Method

They have been developed as systems that are placed on one leg, but still do not provide perfect comfort because they remain outside the body. Combined systems are combined methods applied both internally and externally and have the advantage of shortening the treatment time.

Motorized Nail Method

It involves nails that can be extended by remote control with magnetic systems. This method is aesthetically advantageous and the risk of infection is reduced, but the cost is high. It is thought that costs will decrease as technology advances.

Height Increase Treatment Prices in Turkey

How to Decide on a Height Lengthening Surgery Method?

As a result, the answer to the question “What is the best method of height increase for me?” may be different for each patient. A specialized physician can determine the most appropriate treatment method by evaluating the patient’s specific situation. For this reason, it is important for anyone considering a treatment to find the most suitable solution for their individual needs by consulting a specialist physician.

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