Lengthening Surgery

Cosmetic lengthening surgery is a type of orthopaedic surgery designed to increase the length of the leg for aesthetic reasons. This procedure involves surgically cutting the bone that needs to be lengthened and using an external or internal lengthening system to widen the space between the bone ends. Every day a small amount of new bone is created between the lengthened bone ends. In fact, lengthening is a process that takes advantage of the body’s ability to renew itself. In addition to the body’s ability to form new bone, muscles, ligaments, blood vessels and nerves, as well as peripheral and supportive soft tissues all contribute to this process. With all these processes in place, there is no need to remove bone or other tissue from other parts of the body.

Technological tools are changing rapidly and surgical methods are becoming more and more common. However, augmentation is not a simple, immediate and risk-free method. 

People who are considering undergoing this type of surgery should discuss possible complications during or after the procedure with their doctor prior to the surgery.  People who want to undergo cosmetic height enhancement surgery should be aware of all the possibilities and be prepared so that they can physically and psychologically endure this long-term healing process.

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    选择土耳其进行增高治疗的 5 大优势

    如今,许多人都在考虑通过身高延长治疗来克服对身高的担忧。土耳其凭借其专业人员、技术基础设施和各种优势,已成为考虑进行这种治疗的人的首选目的地。我们为您列出了在土耳其进行身高延长治疗的优势。 1.专家团队和技术设施 土耳其全球公认的身高延...


    决定增高治疗最准确方法的因素可能因人而异。因此,强调某种治疗方法最准确是不正确的。如何确定最适合您的增高疗法? 在延长治疗中,每个人的解剖结构、健康史和个人偏好都不尽相同。这些因素都是决定最合适的延长方法的有效因素。 身高延长手...