At what age is lengthening surgery performed?

An examination of the bone structure takes into account factors such as bone diameter, proportions, tendon and muscle structure, and age of the bone, and the surgical approach is determined with the patient. At this stage, possible complications from prolonged surgery should always be considered. As we age, the healing process of the bone slows down and the healing time is prolonged. In addition, existing medical conditions, smoking, and previous surgeries may adversely affect bone healing.

The legal age limit for cosmetic lengthening surgery is 18 years. Cosmetic surgery is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18. In addition, people considering surgery are usually asked to undergo counselling to assess their ability to make the decision to have surgery and whether they are in the mood to undergo the process. In this way, the appropriateness of the surgical decision can be determined by supporting the individual’s mental health.