height lengthening

Is Height Genetic?

The height of each individual is determined by genetic factors. Genetics includes the genetic material that a person receives from his or her parents and the general height structure of the family. However, environmental factors and lifestyle can also influence eh height.

Genetic Impact

Genes inherited from parents influence factors such as growth hormone secretion and bone development. If you have genetically tall individuals in your family, you may tend to be taller yourself.

Environmental Impact

In addition to genetic factors, environmental factors also affect the height. Regular exercises, adequate sleep and avoiding stress can positively affect the growth process.


A balanced and healthy diet can increase the height by supporting growth hormone secretion. It is important to get enough calcium and other nutrients for bone development, especially during childhood and adolescence.


Regular exercises can positively affect the height by increasing muscle development and bone density. Sports activities are important to support bone health during childhood and adolescence.

Professional Assessment

If you are concerned about your height, it is important to consult a specialist. Experts can assess genetic factors, environmental factors and individual health status to create a personalized growth plan.

Height Lengthening Surgery

If you are uncomfortable with your height due to several reasons, lengthening surgery may be an option for you. These orthopaedic surgeries, performed by specialized surgeons, can help you to reach your desired height by increasing the bone length. However, it is important to keep in mind that each individual’s situation is different and each would require experts’ advice.

In conclusion, although the height is determined by genetic factors, adopting a healthy lifestyle and seeking expert advice are important for optimal growth and development. For healthy growth, it is important to consider genetic factors, environmental factors and individual needs in a balanced way.

Remember, your quality of life and self-confidence are your most valuable assets. If you are not satisfied with your height, this surgery can be a turning point for you. You can take the first step by contacting our team and have the most appropriate treatment plan prepared for you.