Is Limb Lengthening Surgery Painful?

Lengthening surgery is a surgical option for many people who want to increase their height. However, the pain that will be experienced after this operation is an issue that many people are concerned about. Here is what you need to know about the pain associated with lengthening surgery.

Pain: A Personal Experience

The pain experienced after lengthening surgery varies from individual to individual, depending on the method used. Some patients feel almost no pain, while others may experience more intense pain.

However, thanks to modern medicine and anaesthesia techniques, it is possible to control pain. After the operation, your doctor will recommend specific medications and techniques to manage your pain.

Factors Affecting Pain:

  • Method Used: Different surgical methods can affect pain levels.
  • General Health Status of the Patient: Generally healthy and active individuals may feel less pain after the operation.
  • Pain Threshold Every individual has a different tolerance to pain. Some people can tolerate more pain.

Suggestions for Coping with Pain:

  • Take the medicines prescribed by your doctor regularly: Taking medicines regularly is important to keep pain under control.
  • Follow the Physical Therapy and Exercise Program: Physical therapy and exercise can support recovery.
  • Ice application and massage: These methods can help relieve your pain.
  • Rest in a Comfortable Environment: A stress-free environment can positively impact your recovery.
  • Tell Your Doctor If The Pain Is Uncontrollable: Contact your doctor if your pain cannot be controlled or increased

Things to Know About Height Lengthening Surgery and Pain:

  • With modern techniques, the level of pain after lengthening surgery can be minimized.
  • There are various medicines and methods for pain control.
  • The pain sensation varies from individual to individual and according to the method used.
  • A healthy lifestyle and following doctor’s recommendations can help you cope with the pain.

If You Are Considering Limb Lengthening Surgery:

Lengthening surgery is a life-changing decision. Therefore, discussing all the risks and benefits in detail with your doctor before surgery is important.

Our clinic has a team specialized in lengthening surgery. They will inform you about the most appropriate treatment options and support you in the postoperative process.

You can contact us for more information or to ask your questions about lengthening surgery and pain.