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Transportation to Istanbul: The World is Open!

Istanbul is a unique meeting point of history, culture and modernity. For patients who want to come to our city for a special medical service such as a lengthening surgery, transportation to Istanbul is quite easy and diverse. Here are some alternatives and details for you to come to Istanbul:

Transportation by Air:

Many airlines from all over the world offer direct flights to Istanbul. Istanbul Airport is one of the largest airports in Europe and regularly hosts international and domestic flights. Sabiha Gökçen Airport is another important airport serving the city. You can choose taxi, car rental or public transportation options to reach our clinic from the airport. Our expert teams will professionally manage the entire process required for your transportation from the airport to our clinic.

Transportation by Road:

If you prefer to travel to Istanbul with your own vehicle, it is quite easy to reach the city by land from Europe or Asia. When coming from Europe, you can use the border gates in the south of Turkey. In addition, many bus companies from Turkey’s neighboring countries also organize regular flights to Istanbul.

Transportation by Sea:

If you prefer sea transportation as part of your journey, there are many ports and marinas on the shores of the Bosphorus. You can easily reach Istanbul by ship or ferry anchored at one of these ports. This option is especially preferred for those traveling via the Black Sea.

After reaching Istanbul:

When you arrive in Istanbul, you do not need to worry about transportation and accommodation in our clinic for height lengthening surgery. Our expert team offers a special welcome and guidance service for our international patients. When you contact us to plan your transportation and accommodation, an experienced team will be waiting for you to offer you full support.